MIM Commercial Solutions


custom-mim-ecma-connectorsCustom MIIS/ILM/FIM/MIM connectors

Need to connect to your mainframe, AS/400, or oddball system with no native connector? We’ve probably already built it. Utilizing industry-standard interfaces and APIs, we develop extensible, easily supportable connectors with extensive documentation and supportability.

Did we mention documentation? We’ve heard the same story from clients for years – we have “X” application that’s a mysterious black box and we’re afraid to move along because we can’t afford downtime. End the mystery!


mim-cloud-integrationMIM Integration with cloud based HR systems

Time to integrate your Microsoft Identity Manager/Forefront Identity Manager environment with Gusto, SAP, Workday,PeopleSoft and other cloud based HRIS systems? We have the battle scars from experience and can help your team avoid the pitfalls associated with HR integration. We provide ways to adopt technology to your business, instead of telling you how to adopt your business to the technology that you’ve picked.


mim-contractor-managementContractor/Temp Management System

Does your HR system lack the capability to manage temporary or contract employees? We have an extensible contractor management system based on your existing Microsoft® technologies that your IT staff already understand. Automated expiration, email notifications, and fully customizable business rules.


active-directory-architectureActive Directory Architecture and secure deployment strategies

Trouble architecting or deploying a secure Active Directory solution? It’s not as simple as a dcpromo and manually creating accounts anymore!

Our principal architect is a Microsoft Certified Master:Directory (known as the AD Ranger program), and has been on the leading edge of Active Directory since participating in the original Windows 2000 Airlift in 1999.

From Microsoft® DIAD-based tiered solutions to DISA STIG-based security policies, we have deep experience designing, implementing and supporting enterprise-scale solutions up to 4.3 million users.


mim-legacy-migrationModernization Strategy and Legacy Migration Support

When you’re ready to leave your expensive, archaic systems behind, let us help you accelerate your modernization effort.
From legacy file and print migration to BYOD adoption to lift-and-shift cloud migration efforts, our team can streamline your migration process as well as augment your IT staff during deployment. You don’t have to go it alone!


pki-deploymentPublic Key Infrastructure (PKI) Deployment

Modern security requirements are driving mass adoption of smartcard and multifactor authentication.
We can engineer, deploy, and train your IT staff to support a Microsoft®-based enterprise PKI architecture.


Community Health Systems
Healthcare Corporation of America



Frost Bank



Ford Motor Company
General Motors
Illinois Tool Works



Philip Morris
Pitney Bowes



With the time and effort expended building and deploying your on-premise MIM IDAM architecture, we understand that the thought of moving along is daunting.

We can help you maximize and extend your current platform while we provide solutions to help you transition seamlessly to modern technologies.

Microsoft Identity Manager
Microsoft Azure
Microsoft Active Directory
Microsoft Office 365