What’s the Forefront Identity Manager roadmap?

Before MIM 2016 was announced, I would get questions all the time – “Hey, what’s the Forefront Identity Manager roadmap”?

And my answer was always the same – ask the product planners!

Part of the frustration of being the customer-facing Microsoft employee who does the design, development, and deployment at the customers was always the feeling of feedback not making it back to the people making the decisions. A bit of my naivete of just how far out the planners think, and how they really were light-years ahead of my narrow delivery focus.

What’s the Microsoft Identity Manager roadmap?

Years later, I’d get the same question – “Hey, what’s the Microsoft Identity Manager roadmap”?forefront-identity-manager-road-map

Just because my nickname is “Jim the MIM” doesn’t mean that I got all of the planning scoop anymore in 2019 than I did in 2015! The discussion on the Microsoft internal “MIM Discussion” distribution list (the name ILMTalk shows how old the DL was) and “IdM Jedis” distribution list had the same frustrations time and time again from customer-facing employees – “Customers want to know why we don’t have a roadmap!”

There was a Microsoft Identity Manager Roadmap – it just didn’t include on-premise products anymore! Great for flexible customers headed to the cloud, but not so great for customers with missions or mandates that keep them restricted to maintaining on-premise solutions! MIM quickly became a legacy toolset for customers with a lot of on-premise solutions that weren’t cloud-ready.

Roadmap, One-Way Street or Dead End?

Depending on your situation – this could be a roadmap, a one-way street, or a dead-end.

Now that MIM is end-of-life and entered extended support, we here at idmOne get clients all the time looking for guidance – and it all sounds familiar – “Hey, what’s the Microsoft Identity Management roadmap”?

The great news is that the question is no longer tied to a product, but a portfolio and a strategy. This a good mindset change for long-term Microsoft customers who have a major investment in the ecosystem and need to not only maximize their current investment but begin planning their long-term strategy.

Driving Directions

If you can move your workloads to the cloud – we can help you develop the strategy to get there. For DOD and IC components with air-gapped networks or on-premise restrictions – we can help you keep your on-premise MIM environment mission-ready while you develop a plan for MIM end-of-life.