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microsoft-identity-manager-support-where-do-i-startWhere Do I Start?

Do you have an embedded Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) system that have expanded over time, with little documentation, no extensibility, and arcane management that only a few administrators understand and keep close to their chest in the interest of job security? Does the thought of attempting a migration to modern cloud IDAM platform cause terror in your team?


simplify-the-terminologySimplify The Terminology

Confused about the difference between an MPR, a RCDC, and Run Profile? We have the solution to help you untangle the spiderweb of connections that all legacy identity systems eventually create.



Our DocumentMIM┬« framework documents your existing connections and workflows, analyzes the “what“, and provides the “how” for our consultants to discover the “why” from your business stakeholders.


identity-modernization-roadmapModernization Roadmap

Once we have the classic 5 W’s, we then provide you with an actionable roadmap to move your business beyond your expensive error-prone legacy environment to a supportable modular identity architecture.


microsoft-identity-manager-extended supportMIM Extended Support

Are you concerned about MIM's upcoming transition to Extended Support in 2021? We can help you future-proof your investment and provide custom support without the high cost of a Microsoft® Extended Support Contract. We have support contract options from once-a-week dialin checkups to full-time expert staffing support.

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