MIM Extended Support


what-is-mim-extended-supportWhat is MIM Extended Support?

We’re seeing a consistent theme across current clients and potential customers. Their MIM admins have looked at the MIM Roadmap and they don’t like what they see with the upcoming Microsoft Identity Manager end of life. These admins have assessed their career opportunities working on a product that is being put to pasture, and have moved on to newer, sexier products, leaving organizations with a sudden shortage in MIM expertise.  We have custom MIM Extended Support Contracts to help you keep your ship afloat while you create your long-term plan.


mim-extended-support-optionsMIM Extended Support Options

We have affordable support contract options from a once-a-month dialin MIM Health Check to weekly system AND data triage with your administrators.  We can determine the amount of support your enterprise needs based on your number of accounts, servers, and connected systems.


microsoft-identity-manager-extended-support-includedWhat’s Included?

Our MIM Extended Support Contracts are designed to keep your systems healthy and functioning.  These contracts do not include custom code development, creating connections to additional systems, or using our DocumentMIM framework to document your existing environment.  Refer to our MIM Custom Development and Support offerings if this is what you need.

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