MIM Health Check


why-do-i-need-a-mim-health-checkWhy Do I Need A MIM Health Check?

There’s an old adage – it’s cheaper to change the oil than to change the engine! Your MIM environment and connected systems have grown over time, and there’s a pretty good chance that your processes and systems haven’t kept up. Run times have slowed, system resources are taxed, and your administrators are secretly afraid that the house of cards is just waiting to fall.


what-is-a-mim-health-checkWhat is A MIM Health Check?

Our architects work hand-in-hand with your engineers to evaluate the health your environment using advanced toolset and methodologies, review the operational processes related to administration and health, and provide you with detailed, prioritized guidance to maximize performance and resiliency.


microsoft-identity-manager-health-check-whats-coveredWhat’s Covered?

We analyze MIM Sync, MIM Portal, Sharepoint, SQL Server, IIS, and the base Windows Server images that these are running on. Our toolset analyzes event logs, application error logs, and system configuration to provide a holistic view of environmental health. We even have separate guidance and checklists for STIG-compliant DOD and DOJ environments.


health-check-out-of-scopeOut Of Scope

The MIM Health Check does not analyze custom code, BHOLD, SCSM Reporting or Hybrid Reporting, MIM Certificate Management, or custom workflows. We are happy to work with you on any of these items or known existing issues outside of the Health Check process. Check out our options for custom MIM Support and MIM Extended Support contracts.


microsoft-identity-manager-extended supportMIM Extended Support

Are you concerned about MIM's upcoming transition to Extended Support in 2021? We can help you future-proof your investment and provide custom support without the high cost of a Microsoft® Extended Support Contract. We have support contract options from once-a-week dialin checkups to full-time expert staffing support.


Still Running FIM?

If you have a Forefront Identity Manager environment still running, we commend you on being able to keep it functional!

We can do a FIM Health Check to ensure your environment remains healthy while we help you create a plan to migrate off of this older, unsupported platform.

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